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Favorite Swaddles and Sleep Sacks from a CT Doula

Updated: Feb 9

The phrase "sleeping like a baby" is a farce. While babies sleep they are incredibly sweet and adorable, but sometimes the act of getting the baby to sleep can be a herculean effort.

CT Doula uses a swaddle me to help her baby sleep peacefully.

The goal of this blog post is to highlight some of my very favorite swaddles and sleep sacks that I have used with my own kiddos as well as many of your kiddos serving as your doula in CT. If you are reading this in the middle of the night because your babe is not sleeping and you are looking for answers, message me now and let's get you some rest!


Well...hang on. What is a swaddle anyways? A swaddle is a device or blanket that is used to wrap a baby. The swaddle usually wraps the baby's arms in by their sides or on their chest, though there are a few popular swaddles that allow baby's arms to be up.

The idea behind swaddling is to help babies sleep for longer stretches of time by simulating the cozy experience they had in the womb AND by restricting their arm motion so that they cannot startle themselves awake. Swaddling is not a must do, let me say that do not HAVE to swaddle your baby.

As a CT Doula I recommend that my clients try to transition their babies out of the swaddle by 8-12 weeks of age.

Favorite Swaddles

Swaddle Me

This is a great low cost option. The sizing is a little funny and it can be challenging to get a secure fit especially if you have Houdini baby.

Ollie Swaddle

I. Love. This. Swaddle. I find this swaddle to be incredibly secure for little escape artists. While this swaddle is more costly, because it's one piece and ends in a gown you never need to buy another size. Fun fact, this CT doula's husband loathes this swaddle because the velcro is "too loud".

Love to Dream

This is a wonderful option if your baby seems to prefer sleeping with their arms up. Some claim that it doesn't calm the startle reflex as well as an arms down swaddle but I've definitely had clients adore this swaddle for their babes!

Halo Sleep Sack/Swaddle

This is a wonderful low cost option that works great as a swaddle but also is useful in transitioning to a sleep sack. The design allows for arms down swaddling, arms at the chest swaddling, one arm out swaddling, or both arms out. This also comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns if that's your jam!

Aden and Anais Muslin Blankets or Silky Soft Swaddle Blankets

As a CT Doula I have mad respect for those of you who prefer traditional swaddles especially at 2 AM. While they are not my first choice, if I am going to use a traditional swaddle, this is what I reach for. They are soft and cozy and the perfect length for swaddling!

Sleep Sacks

A sleep sack is literally a sack that babies sleep in...think a wearable blanket. If you keep your home really warm or live in a super warm climate you may not even need a sleep sack and maybe you transition from the swaddle to plain pajamas.

I love sleep sacks because:

a) I like to sleep chilly so my house is never warm enough for just PJs

b) As my babies grow it is much harder to climb out to the crib

c) I imagine it feels like a snuggle and who doesn't like a snuggle?

Keep in mind that most sleep sacks come with a TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating attached and you can order in different weights depending on how warm you need the sleep sack to be.

For example in the summer my bedrooms are around 70°F and my kiddos sleep in light PJs and a 1.0 TOG sleep sack. In winter my bedrooms are 65°F on a good day and my kiddos sleep in fleece PJs and a 2.5 TOG sleep sack.

Chart describing what babies should wear for sleep provided by a Doula in CT

Favorite Sleep Sacks

Baby Dee Dee

These are the sleep sacks that I have used for both of my own kids. My son is using his sister's hand me downs and they have held up really well over the years. I rarely use the zipper and usually just slide my kids in the pouch and snap the shoulders. I like that it can be worn backwards if your kiddos figure out how to unzip.


Not going to lie, I always wanted one of these but never could justify the cost. To be honest I definitely spent more than this on swaddles and sleep sacks over my children's lives so my argument was a moot point. The idea behind this is that because it is wool it can be used in all seasons and will help your kiddo be the perfect temperature at night. It also is just one size so you don't need to continually size up as baby grows. I believe they may require special laundering or air drying.

Burt's Bees

This is an easy, inexpensive, no frills sleep sack made from organic cotton. There are a ton of cute colors and patterns that parents love.

Gunamuna Sleep Sack

If you are on social media and follow any parenting/baby accounts I bet that you have heard of Kyte baby brand. They have a HUGE following and also a lot of recent drama. The sleep sacks are made from bamboo and are incredibly soft but the price point is steep and you will need multiple sizes/TOGs. This is a well loved Amazon dupe for their sleep sacks.

Wrap Up With Your CT Doula

Phew, that was a lot of links. My hope as your CT Doula is that by listing my tried and true favorites I have saved you a bit of time from searching and reading reviews.

If you are at a stage where a swaddle or sleep sack is not helping you get the rest you and your babe need I am here to help by providing overnight postpartum support. Rest is so important as new parents and our babies can really put us through the ringer. Whether you just need one night here and there or you need support a few times per week, message me today and we will make sure you feel a little less like a zombie tomorrow!

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