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Doula Chelsea, a CT Doula

What Do Other Parents Think?

View Client Experiences with Doula Chelsea's Prenatal, Postpartum, and Birthing services in CT.

I'm not sure I could have made it through my pregnancy and the baby prep period or the postpartum months without Chelsea's help. She curated my registry with me, advising me on the safest and most highly regarded products; when YouTube failed me, she taught me how to figure out baby carriers so I could wear my infant; and she answered hourly text messages and almost daily phone calls once I had my baby as I struggled with breastfeeding, pumping and postpartum anxiety. As a first time mom, I felt like Chelsea was my guiding light into parenthood. To this day, she still coaches me as I learn to parent a toddler. I am forever grateful to her for all that she has done for me — and continues to do — and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Alexandra M

I am amazed and in awe with her passion for all things motherhood. Through her own experiences, she has becomes an incredible resource for women during pregnancy and during those crucial, trying first months of postpartum. Her kind demeanor makes her approachable and easy to talk to.

Kelly R

When I delivered my son in June 2020, Chelsea was extremely supportive of my husband and I while I was recovering from a difficult birth and was very present during those first few newborn months. Chelsea taught us the "how-to's" of caring for a new baby and offered different tips and supplies to make the transition into our new life easier. This support was appreciated and valued by us, no one else we knew of could have provided that to us.

Jaimie L

When I found Chelsea I couldn't believe my luck. She has worked with my kids at a variety of ages, from 3 months to 3.5 years old and I could not be more grateful for her services. Her compassion, knowledge and ability to handle the most difficult situations with a calm confidence, are invaluable skills in a caregiver. I know my children are getting all their needs met and more when they are with Chelsea. In addition to her superb caregiving skills, she has always been available for advice on carseat safety, working with separation anxiety, and so much more.

Savannah K

Where to start? Chelsea was my lifeline. My daughter is a pandemic baby, and I was navigating both pregnancy, the newborn phase, and infanthood without the village you hope you'll have. Chelsea was always just a text away, with useful advice or ideas, words of wisdom, or just "You got this". With a link to follow every answer she gave me, or a personal story of what might be worth trying, it was easy to feel like Chelsea knows everything. My daughter was two, and I was still asking for advice, the first time she told me "I don't know". It was about bath paints. I asked her how I was supposed to trust strangers on the internet? Yet here we are. 
From being supportive of my chosen parenting style to offering anecdotes about what's worked for her and what hasn't, Chelsea guides without pushing, and offers different options when things don't go as planned (my daughter still challenges me with her sleep habits). She guided me through my pregnancy, through birth, those terrifying first few days and weeks, the wonder and challenge of breastfeeding, the joys of babywearing, the impossible struggle of never feeling good enough. 
I'm a good mom- a GREAT mom- and I know it. Chelsea's been in my sidecar to getting there the whole time. 
Chelsea is the real deal!

Rachael M

Chelsea did a couple of overnight stays after we came back from the hospital. We were first time parents and felt overwhelmed with the learning curve of taking care of a newborn. Breastfeeding was challenging for many reasons and that also led to sleepless nights for us. Chelsea was a ray of sunshine when she came to support us. She was kind, witty and knowledgeable! Before taking over for the night, she made sure to connect with us. She gave us helpful advice in areas that we were struggling with and reassured us with encouraging words. Then she ushered us to bed! She took diligent notes to keep us informed and helped give us peace of mind the next morning. It’s amazing how sleep can change your whole vibe for the day and a newborn seems less scary to care for! Chelsea even checked in with us the days after her overnights. She was especially helpful in her follow ups, when it came to breastfeeding. Her expertise there came in handy! We appreciated Chelsea providing quality care for our baby and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Barbara L

After our first experience with little to no support following the birth of our first son during COVID, we knew that we would need doula help with our second son. We are SO thankful we found Chelsea! While I was initially very hesitant at the idea of leaving my newborn for the night with an overnight doula, these fears quickly resolved upon meeting Chelsea over the phone and zoom. She came highly recommended, answered all of our questions, was patient, kind, and most importantly - very nurturing towards our son.

I cannot recommend Chelsea enough for her doula services. She was prompt, left very detailed notes of our sons schedule from the overnight, and always stuck around in the morning to review how the night went. She provided us with such wonderful support, especially during a stressful time for our family. Our son did great with her, and I was able to get some much needed rest - which really made a huge difference in my mental health in the postpartum period. Thank you Chelsea!

Danielle N

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