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Contato Chelsea
Sua Doula de Connecticut!

Por favor, entre em contato para obter mais informações sobre os serviços ou com qualquer dúvida.
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There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how much Chelsea did for us during pregnancy and the birth of my son in October 2023. My birthing experience was so unbelievably positive, fast, and empowering, with Chelsea there coaching me through and keeping me confident in the birth preferences she had helped me identify. Just as important, she made sure there were no surprises or anxieties that went unaddressed, and as a result we felt so prepared to be parents the moment we brought our son home. Even now that my baby is several months old and our time with Chelsea is technically over, she reaches out to us with advice and support, and I know that we’ll always have her as a resource to turn to at every new stage we reach. Having gone through this experience now, I would never wish to tackle another pregnancy or delivery without her.

Jessica W

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